Oooh!! Flight!!

It was always intended for Sky’s two forms to each have their own power. The shiny form is super strong and resilient. The blue form can fly. It’s something I feel I probably should have shown prior to now, but I also feel like this works. In each case, the power initially manifests in a moment of duress, so I guess it’s ok that it didn’t show until now.

This chapter ended up being extra long (34 pages instead of the usual 24). I tried to cut it into two, but with the rogues and Dhama Tylo taking up the first part, I would have only gotten to Roka and Ril at the port before ending the issue, which didn’t feel like enough of the main cast. I really wanted to check in with everybody before ending the issue. Also, the potential cliff-hangers would have been Aziri yelling “Freeze! You’re under arrest!” or Sky crushing the sled handle, neither of which was really a big moment. Sky’s flying reveal was a much better cliffhanger. And Ril’s callback line about her drawing attention only worked if it was in the same chapter as Roka telling him to stop drawing attention. So I decided to let chapter 1 be extra long so that I could showcase the entire crew and end on the best cliffhanger.

Small note: I do like the tiny gag of Cember munching on a bar. Clearly he did not take the earlier “no snacking” order to heart.

The next couple posts will be Bonus Content pages featuring more concept sketches done for this story.

And then it’ll be on to Chapter 2, where Sky flies away, never to be seen again! JK.