You’ll notice that Roka, Ril, and Cember are all now wearing white slickers/cloaks. When designing the snow outfits, I wanted them to be colorful for artistic reasons to keep things visually interesting. But from a practical standpoint, the bright colors wouldn’t really make them blend into the environment, which is kinda important if you’re tailing someone. So I decided to give the three of them an additional layer that they could throw on top of their snow outfits to help camouflage them a bit more.

Roka and Ril wear identical slickers since I figure Roka has a few sitting around the Khoruysa Brimia as miscellaneous crew gear. Cember has his own, which is naturally a bit more stylish (you’ll get a better look at it later).

I figured Sky didn’t need anything since her costume is already white. And Bennesaud doesn’t need one either since his rocky hide would blend in with the natural rocky outcroppings on the planet.