And here we have the actual leader of the tribe making his first appearance. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a hard time coming up with differentiating features for the major Ulon Dosi characters. I wanted them to be visually different, but not in a hokey way. The most logical thing to me was that they’d have different braid patterns and, in some cases, different horn dimensions. So as the village elder, this guy has the largest horns, as well as the longest braids. He’s also the only one with a full beard, since I thought that would give him that older look. He doesn’t have war-beards though, since he’s not a designated warrior, although his two flanking guards do.

The original costume designs for him were much fancier, but they seemed wrong for the character and the tribe’s earthy look. So I toned it way down. As it is now, the only real ornamentation is the yellow color on his tunic and matching yellow bands in his braids.