This entire flashback was not a scene I originally planned for Bocce’s story. But again, once I settled on a mini-arc for this volume revolving around Bocce struggling with his berserker mode, I wanted to keep sprinkling in bits to keep that arc alive until its resolution. And in Volume 2, I had mentioned Bocce and Pahjan giving food to fellow refugees, so this seemed like a good tie back to that scene.

As I mentioned a few pages back, I initially wasn’t totally happy with how the sepia look turned out on this sequence. It’s since grown on me a bit. But for fun, I thought I’d share the pages as they were originally colored by Cyril with a bluish nighttime hue that worked really well. You can see the pages on my Patreon, and it will be a Public post available to everyone, not just backers. Check it out HERE.