I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to handle the cloaked ship look until I got to the coloring stage. In Volume 1, Hamron’s ship has a grid pattern over it when it engages and disengages the cloak, but that was more work than I cared to do this time around.

In these situations, I put the ship on its own separate layer in Photoshop and let the colorist know to keep any work on the ship separate from the rest of the page. That way, any effect can be as easy as changing the opacity of the ship with a layer mask.

Wes did his own take on the cloak effect in the original coloring. But I always do a light pass on every page to fine tune some things and make sure all the pages look consistent. In this case, I played with the effect a bit more to find something that looked transparent while still allowing the reader to see the ship. I especially like how it turned out in the last panel.