When I did the first two Snow Job covers, the series was still supposed to come out in print as single issues. By the time I got to this cover for issue #3, I had fully committed to the webcomic (and direct-to-graphic-novel) route. So the concept of single issue covers didn’t really make sense. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I needed to do covers anymore, but ultimately, I decided that since I had already done them for the first two issues, I’d at least be consistent and do them for the remaining issues as well. I also figured for the graphic novel collection and the webcomic Series Index, it would be nice to have these covers as chapter break images.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’ll end up doing for the next story arc though. I go back and forth between whether I should keep doing covers/chapter images or not.

For the record, I do really like this cover, especially since it’s the first one where I didn’t feel the need to showcase the main characters or the ship. If I do keep doing these images, it’ll be nice to know that they aren’t being used as covers to sell single issues. As chapter break images inside a book, I might feel freer to experiment and do something that wouldn’t work as well for a cover meant to catch your eye on a crowded comic store shelf.