It’s good to find ways to cut out unnecessary scenes to move the story along. Initially I planned to actually show Jayd abducting Sky. But that would have involved Jayd seeking her out, initiating some conversation with her, and then attacking and subduing her. If Sky transformed to armored form, I’d then have to show Jayd overcoming that. The entire volume was already running super long, so I decided to just cut all of that and have the crew come across Jayd with an unconscious Sky. It’s fairly clear that everything I had planned to show did in fact occur (or she just snuck up and knocked her out without a fight), but I didn’t have to take up the page real estate to show it.

Location-wise, this is the same area of the ship first seen in some of the first pages of Volume 1, when the crew takes the Mosquito over to the Tique Amara to encounter Hamron. It is basically the connector that links the Mosquito to the main ship. It’s also apparent in most of the underside angles of the ship, with the telltale horizontal split window on the long wall.

I usually have rooms brightly lit on the ship, but I wanted this scene a bit darker so the orange energy effect would pop.