Starting with this page, we finally get to see the alien planet during the day. The other scenes to date have been dusk and night time, so some of those colors were a little tinted towards those lighting conditions. I do like how colorful the vegetation is but hope it doesn’t come across as too much of an assault on the eyes.

I’ve been looking forward to this scene, where I get to show a different side of Illaryn Jayd. For the energy sculpture, I went through so many different ideas, from figures to other animals. In the end, I just thought a whale-like animal leaping from the water would be interesting and different.

And then Avatar 2 started making the rounds, with the heavy emphasis on the sea creatures and, in particular, the cool Tulkun whale design. I had settled on my design a while before that though. It was either that or a tiny, curled up alien hedgehog. And that, while cute, would not have been quite as impressive .