It’s always a fine line to straddle when trying to recap events from a previous story as character dialogue. I wanted to remind readers of some previous key events (like the crew finding Sky and Bocce hurting his leg), but I obviously didn’t want it to SOUND like a recap, which would be pretty unnatural as normal conversation.

Here you can see the dining table/cockpit floor relationship that I mentioned in the previous post. In the layout, I wanted the cockpit to be very quickly accessible from the common area since the crew might need to get from the  “comfort zone” to the “business zone” in a hurry in an emergency. And since the cockpit is the most important area of the ship, it made sense to have it on a slightly raised level to give it more symbolic importance.

Minor detail with the table: I figured all the chairs are fixed on the table base track on the floor, so they can each slide to the left and right along the track.