So I’ve been cutting back a little on sound effects. Case in point, the previous sequence is devoid of all the “spak” “spak” “spak” sounds of laser hits that I used a lot in the first story arc. But on this page, I felt the sounds effects were pretty essential. It could have worked without them, but I think in this case, they add quite a bit.

The last panel is my Bone moment. While it wasn’t intentional or a deliberate homage, every time I look at it, it just reminds me of the last beat of Bone #1, when winter descends on the valley in one giant sheet of snow. And for anyone who hasn’t read Jeff Smith’s Bone series yet, do yourself a favor and pick up! It has been a huge inspiration for me with Runners in more ways than I can count. But then I can’t really count that high.

Seriously though, pick up Bone. It looks amazing in B&W (for which I’d recommend the one-volume edition if you have the upper body strength to handle it), and it looks even better in the recent color editions put out by Scholastic/Grafix.