I deliberately try to keep my alien names easy to pronounce, so you won’t find any X’lth’Mqur or Tzthl’Mkxx names in the series. But in case some of the names are still questionable, here is the handy dandy RUNNERS pronunciation guide to some of the characters, ships, and locations that appear in the series:

Roka Nostaco: ROH-kuh NAW-stuh-ko
Ril Mar: rill mar
Cember Kogi: SEM-ber KOH-jee
Bennesaud: BEN-uh-sod
Bocce: BAH-chee

Khoruysa Brimia: kor-OOH-suh BREE-mee-uh
Tique Amara: TEEK ah-MAR-ah
Grissom: GRISS-um
Oniaka: oh-nee-AH-kuh
Jondhi: JON-dee

Hamron: HAM-run
Keets: keets
Rayd: raid
Mas: moss
Barak: BAR-ock
Khurg: kurg

Miradien Tylo: mih-RAY-dee-en TIE-low
Tedekah: teh-DEH-kuh
Tedeskian: teh-DESS-kee-an