When I first got these pages back from Wes, my colorist, he had done a lot of grit and grime on the ship interiors. It looked great, but unfortunately, I had to tamp it down a lot. The backstory with Grissom’s ship is that it is a criminal’s former luxury yacht. As such, I wanted it to be a bit nicer and cleaner than some of the other run-down utilitarian ships in the RUNNERS universe.

For the record, I did send that note to Wes with the page. But I know sometimes a random note will get missed, so he ended up doing more grime than the ship needed. I actually have a pet peeve of spending time on artwork that wasn’t necessary when a quick sentence of clarification from the writer could’ve saved me significant time. So I try to be respectful of other artists’ time as well. I’m sure once in a while, I will forget to mention something, but usually, I try to be good about that sort of thing.