Huzzah! Grissom is back! It’s interesting how much of an impact Grissom made in the few pages she appeared in back in Volume 1: “Bad Goods.” Several readers have asked when she would be appearing again. As it turns out, I always planned to bring her back in this story arc, since she starts to factor into the adventure more and more going forward.

Just a note: on January 1, my mom had a serious medical emergency that necessitated me rearranging my work schedule to help her with her recovery. I do have a good number of Chapter 5 pages mostly done but hadn’t quite gotten around to getting them across the finish line for posting here. I plan to finish those pages and continue working on new pages while I’m helping my mom, but there just might be a slight delay while I get things settled and figure out my new working routine. Hopefully it won’t be too long of a delay. Stay tuned!