Panel 2 is something I don’t do much but only because it doesn’t occur to me. This panel could easily have just been another “talking head” of Roka, recounting his story to the others, and a lot of times, I will default to just staying in the scene when characters are talking. In this case, it works so much better cutting to narration over a flashback panel. Again, since Grissom hasn’t appeared in a while, I thought it would be great to visually remind readers of her story (which also happens to still be one of my favorite RUNNERS sequences, art-wise, due to the blue tint and all the rain and puddle effects).

Anyway, to break things up, I do think it’s nice to go to narration over scenes occurring elsewhere or even over a close-up of some random object in a room, instead of always focusing on the characters themselves in the scene. So I’m trying to keep that in mind more.

I also like Bennesaud’s line about Cember. It’s just a short joke for levity, but it’s also a little reminder that they have a long history of working together (as pirates, before joining Roka’s crew). I think with a multi-person crew, readers can start to just see everyone as just one monolithic group. But I like having the backstory of Bennesaud and Cember having their own specific buddy relationship within the larger crew relationship.