I’ve mentioned before that I am working with two colorists on this volume, Wes Hartman and Cyril Vincent, and I‘ve been super happy with their work.

For this page and the big armada double spread a few pages back, I did the coloring myself (although Wes did the big space background, which I asked for as a reusable asset for all these pages). I decided to personally do the armada scene because I had not figured out the color schemes for all the ships and I knew I’d need to play around a lot to settle on something that worked. So instead of making a colorist do countless annoying iterations, I figured it would just be best to do it myself.

Similarly, with this page, I knew I wanted the weapon to have a distinctive web-like energy look to it, but I didn’t have that look figured out in the penciling and inking stage. I knew it would be something to be played with in the coloring stage, and again, it made more sense for me to do it than have a colorist try to nail what was in my head.