This room is a new location on the Khoruysa Brimia that hasn’t been shown to date. In the ship floor plans (printed in the Vol 1 graphic novel), there are four bedrooms in the upper living section of the ship. On the main cargo level, there is an old smaller cargo bay on the starboard side that has since been split and converted into a medical bay and additional bedroom. This is that bedroom and it houses Cember and Bennesaud. Everyone else has their own separate quarters, but I just pictured Cember and Bennes as being buddies enough to share a room and even a bunk bed (more visible in the preceding pages in the background). And if they have a spat, there’s also a sofa in the room for someone to sleep on! Although, given the size of the room, it’s not like it would make much difference. Luckily they get along pretty swell.

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After that, we’ll check in with Cember, Sky, and Bocce!