I hope all the new faces, races, names, and situations aren’t too overwhelming. I deliberately try to parcel out new information in relatively small doses, so it never feels like a colossal world-building dump.

In the concepting phase, I was again looking to reduce some of the work load since I knew it’d be a lot to figure out all the ships, aliens, and costumes at once. Instead of designing all three races, I opted to delay the introduction of one of them, throwing in the line about the Cetii viewing from their own ships so I didn’t have to show them! In the process, I added the short, dismissive, “Hmph, typical” line, which I thought ended up doing quite a bit with so little. It immediately conveys that the various alliance members do not necessarily think highly of each other and there are points of contempt between them, which I find much more interesting than allies who are aligned 100%.