Grissom uses the term “rogue” which is another word for “bounty hunter” in the RUNNERS universe. It’s one of those things where I sometimes use “rogue” and sometimes use “bounty hunter” since I don’t always feel like people will know what a “rogue” is specifically, other than a bad guy or outlaw. That’s one of the pitfalls of world-building, where you want to introduce terminology that everyone uses in the world but don’t want readers wondering what it means. And of course you don’t want characters explaining it, since they should all know what it means already themselves. I guess in most instances, the meaning is pretty clear from the context whenever I use it, so I probably shouldn’t worry about it.

The Ril line at the bottom of the page makes me laugh now because when I read it, it makes me think of Newt in the movie Aliens. “They mostly come out at night….. mostly.” That was not my original intention though, obviously.