Clearly there is some tension between Aziri and Arkuron, but the relationship was not part of the initial script. When I was working on the character designs, I had already been designing a LOT of new characters. To save a little time, I thought maybe two of the pilots could be the same race, saving me the effort of one design. When I decided to make Aziri and the commander the same race, I worried that people might think they were related. And that got me to thinking, why NOT make them related?

That then led me to the idea of some level of expectation between the two, especially with Arkuron being such a by-the-book military guy. Having already established Raszec (the orange snake-like alien) as another rigid officer type, it then became an even more interesting three-way dynamic, where Arkuron probably has more in common with Raszec than his own kin. I’m not entirely sure where all that will go, but I like that the pilot group has that built-in source of tension I can play with. And all because I was lazy and didn’t want to design an extra alien!