Welcome back to the “commentary track” for the series! For those familiar with the previous two volumes, I like to add behind-the-scenes commentary as I go along. It will usually involve the thought process behind plot, character, or design decisions. For those who like director commentaries in movies (which I do!), hopefully you’ll find these entries interesting. For the record, I have no real schooling in fiction writing. I only know what I like and don’t like and tend to be pretty nitpicky about those things. So these entries will show what’s important to me when crafting a story and making decisions.

To be clear, my commentary will be spoiler-free. There are obviously many things I could talk about with scenes that are setting things up for future payoff, but I think it’s more fun to experience the story without that sort of fore-knowledge. So I’ll only talk about things that HAVE happened or don’t actually affect the coming story. I hope any commenters will do the same. I’m sure these pages will be up long after future volumes have come out, so I hope readers won’t post anything on early pages that gives away events that occur later in the series.

With that intro done, the next post will get into the commentary!