As always, I think Wes did a bang-up job with the coloring on this page. I wanted the cockpit of the Iron Echo to have a red color scheme to show that it was in cloaked mode. I just thought it would be nice to visually differentiate when the ship was in one mode or the other.

The red cast did cause some problems though. Brinn (the fish-like alien) is meant to always have a very slight blue glow to her, so it took a bit of work on my part to find something that was different from her usual glow color and fit the scene’s red tint while also being subtle enough as to not distract in a big way.

I also did a light pass on panel 1 after I got the finished page from Wes. I always knew I might play around with that panel to really find a good look for a cloaked ship. In the end, it was just a few minor tweaks from what Wes had done, but I like that it does register as something basically invisible.