With the new Bocce flashback scenes, I had to design the interior of the hut that first appeared in the Volume 2 flashback. In that scene (shown above), many architectural features had already been established, like the chimney, garden box, and side-by-side extensions. It just took a little playing around to settle on how all those things would inform the interior. As a small building, it made the most sense to design the main area as a single big room encompassing the living area and kitchen.

With the floor plan figured out, I did some online research for inspiration. I wanted a Southwest U.S. adobe feel to it, in keeping with the lower-tech look of the exterior and the rural setting. Since I knew I wanted it to have a humble, earthy feel to it, I didn’t feel the need to over-design anything and make it too “sci-fi.”

It’s fun getting back to more Bocce flashbacks, and design-wise, it’s nice when something has already been established or partially-established to make the additional concepting a little easier. I look forward to this being the case more and more as I get further into the series and more things are already designed. That way, I can shorten the concepting phase of each volume and get right to the pages!

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