In Volume 3, I had to design a couple new rooms on the Khoruysa Brimia. In Chapter 1, there was the room shared by Bennesaud and Cember, where Bennesaud has the conversation with his old henchman buddy on the monitor. In Chapter 2, there is a short scene of Jayd in Sky’s quarters.

In my original full ship layout (which can be found in the Vol 1 graphic novel sketchbook section), I always had four bedrooms in the top living section surrounding the commons/dining area. The two bedrooms towards the front of the ship (closest to the cockpit) were for Roka and Ril, which meant the two back quarters were for Bocce and Sky. Knowing the location gave me the good starting point of working with a set room shape.

Other prominent areas of the Brimia had already been designed (namely the cockpit, dining table and commons, cargo ramp, and hallways), so the interior look was more-or-less established, making the design of Sky’s quarters quite a bit easier. The bulk of it just consisted of playing around with different configurations of the bed and desk around the wall with the window.

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