As I mentioned in a recent blog post, new story pages will be on pause for the month of January 2022, while I get caught up on the next batch of pages (Chapter 3). But in the meantime, I will be posting bonus content each week, some of which will appear in the story page navigation as the usual bonus posts and some of which will be blog posts.

This bonus post features the turnaround for Illaryn Jayd. I finally got around to doing turnarounds for her and the new rogue crew in late 2021, something I should’ve done much earlier to use as reference when drawing the characters for the past two chapters. But they’re done now! Huzzah!

The second image shows a part of the process, which includes first drawing a nude body in front and side views, and then drawing the costume in front, side, and back views on tracing paper. In all instances of symmetrical views (front and back), I only draw half and eventually mirror the image in Photoshop.

Patrons can view a more thorough breakdown of the creation process, including step-by-step images and commentary at my Patreon. As always, support on Patreon is immensely appreciated and you’ll get even more bonus content to boot!