So the first story arc, RUNNERS: Bad Goods, has now been completely posted online in its entirety here at I hope you enjoyed it as well as the accompanying commentary. If you’re old-school, like me, and still like having your comics in physical form, remember that you can order the RUNNERS: Bad Goods graphic novel from my Store page. It comes loaded with lots of bonus features unavailable online, like the original RUNNERS short story from the Small Press Expo 2000 anthology, as well as a healthy dose of sketchbook pages with even more commentary!

Next up is the all-new, all COLOR story arc, RUNNERS: The Big Snow Job! Picking up where Bad Goods left off, hard times have fallen on Roka Nostaco and the smuggling crew of the Khoruysa Brimia. Tired of scraping by on small-time runs for petty criminals, they take on a big job to get back into the top tier of mob-level work. But high pay comes with high risk, and if the freezing climate of Planet Ciceron doesn’t kill them, the hostile native population might. Assuming they don’t all kill each other first! Success could put them back on track, but are they in the driver’s seat or just pawns in a much bigger double-cross?

RUNNERS: The Big Snow Job begins posting right here at on Thursday, September 3. New pages will post twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. See you in arc 2!