For Maeki, one of Hiura’s crew, I had a pretty defined look in mind for her: lean and athletic build, some kind of short hairstyle, and plated armor that looked protective but wasn’t overly bulky.

With all of the rogue crew, I really wanted to push myself more in the female alien designs. With male aliens, I find I can go as wacky and weird as I want (Roka, Ril, Cember, etc). But with female aliens, in trying to keep some element of “attractiveness” to them, I tend to go a bit safer with more human features. So I deliberately tried to push the designs into more alien territory with the heads.

In the process, I learned something very interesting: for a female alien face, if I pushed the proportions too much, it didn’t work for me. But as long as I kept the eyes and mouth in the same relative placement as a human face, I could add plenty of alien features and the head would still work. In Maeki’s case, she has an angled snout, side cheek protrusions, and top horns, but with the eyes and mouth in roughly human relation to each other, the face works. As a contrast, the head with the longer distance between the eyes and mouth ends up looking more horse-y despite all the other features being mostly the same.

For the body, the torso plating came together fairly quickly, but the arm and leg armor took a bit more work to figure out. As armor, I thought it should have a bit of bulk, but as a wiry, athletic character, I didn’t want the armor to break that look. In the end, I settled on each section of armor having one larger central piece that protrudes a bit more, with two other pieces on either side that hug the body a bit closer to preserve the lean body shape.

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