In this chapter, we get to see a couple interiors of the Iron Echo, Hiura’s ship. I wanted the cockpit to be distinctively different from Roka’s ship, the Khoruysa Brimia. For staging purposes though, I found the four-seater configuration hard to deviate from, since I wanted room for a number of characters to be able to interact. So I stuck with the same idea as the Brimia: two front consoles for the pilot and co-pilot, and two side consoles for other operations, playing with a few different configurations and angles.

In general, I went for relatively simple and easy-to-draw shapes to make things easier for me. The wall is divided into four sections of alternating windows and consoles, with each segment basically having the same details. I also kept the consoles themselves pretty simple to minimize drawing time. For the seats, I went with an hourglass shape as a little nod to the fact that it is an all-female crew. The shape also made them a bit more elegant and helped to distinguish the seats from the blockier ones in Roka’s ship.

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