As the leader of the new crew of rogues, Hiura was an important character that I wanted to get right. Unlike the rest of her crew, she didn’t have any defining physical characteristics in her write-up, so she was the most open-ended of all the characters to design, which made her the hardest to nail down. For my initial passes, I tried some humanoid forms while still playing with proportions to keep it from being too basic. I also tried to keep a feminine form, using some semblance of an hourglass figure without being exactly human in shape.

For the head, I had the same “blank slate” problem I had with the body, so I just started drawing random heads. Again, I tried to maintain some semblance of feminine features while pushing the alien look and not going for just an easy, slight tweak on a human face. Eventually I settled on a head and body that worked well together and moved on to the costume, which I knew I wanted to be inspired by biker outfits.

I like to have my characters dress more casually when on their ships, so my first pass was just the pants and a simple top, saving the jacket for later. I knew the costume color would predominantly be a simple black, so I felt the design had to rely more on detail and texture to make it visually interesting. That meant a lot of trim and banded areas to break up the form, and while those details can certainly add time to the drawing of a character each time, I do think it makes the costume more fun to look at.

I am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones TV series, and in the later seasons, Daenerys Targaryen wore a white fur coat that had a really striking spine detail in the back. For Hiura’s jacket, I wanted to do something slightly reminiscent of that, so in some of the back sketches, you can see me playing with that shape.

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