I’ve been waiting a long time to see my RUNNERS ships in 3-D (as have some other people), and now, it is done! Working from my various drawings, my good friend and amazing 3-D artist David White has sculpted the Khoruysa Brimia, Roka’s smuggling ship from my series!

It’s been done for a little while, but I needed some time to order my own copies to check them out before posting about them. But they look amazing, and if you’re interested in having your own physical version of the ship, you can now order your own from https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mecha-zone-toys

The ship is available in 2 different sizes and multiple material options. The smaller one is 4.75″ long and starts at $35. The larger one is 7″ long and starts at $99. I think the details really shine at the 7″ size, but it looks nice at the 4.5″ size too.

The basic material is Versatile Plastic, and the white color comes in Natural, Processed, or Premium finishing. The Natural is a bit rough and grainy, like a fine sandpaper texture, which I’m not crazy about. The Processed is the next level up and is a smoother texture. The difference between Natural and Processed is negligible, so it’s pretty much a no-brainer to go for Processed. Premium is smoother still, but honestly, I don’t necessarily think it’s worth double the price of Processed.

The colored plastic is available in Processed finish only, but as I mentioned above, that’s probably my top pick anyway for look and price. There are even fancy Steel options but those are currently outside my budget! Ha ha! I opted for the 4.75″ in white (to review all 3 finishes) and the 7″ in blue. I think the color versions really shows off the detail more than the white. White might be better for painting, but I have not played around with that so I have no idea how the material accepts paint.

For each size, the stand is sold separately and plugs into a rectangular hole in the bottom of the ship. For the stand, I think the Natural finish is fine.  If you do place an order, it will give you a long delivery time of maybe a month, but in actuality, the turnaround time is much shorter.

It’s super cool to be able to finally see my ship in 3-D and hopefully it won’t be the last. David really knocked it out of the park with this sculpt! And if you want to see more of his work, which consists mostly of intricately articulated 3-D printed robots, check out his site at www.mechanauts.net!