Writing Vol 3 involved a LOT of establishing things that really should have been established or better established in the previous two books. With Bocce, it was really weird that NO ONE in the first 2 books makes a comment about his arm, especially when readers always ask me about it. So I wanted to finally have someone address it so that some background could be given (more on that later). I also always planned for Bocce to have memory loss, a very important part of his character, but that was never established. Of course it would have been easy to have him mention it in Vol 1 to bond with Sky, who also had memory issues, but that ship had sailed. So in this book, I had to not only finally establish it but also come up with a reason for him to have NOT told her earlier.

Sky’s tattoo is an important part of her character but it wasn’t shown at all in Vol 2, so I wanted to clearly reintroduce it here.