The tanje bar isn’t a particularly important location, but it’s where the big Roka backstory scene happens. I started out by just jotting down some quick ideas for interior elements like chairs and lights. In the script, I had no idea what the port would look like, but in the actual penciling of the pages, I came up with the idea of cliffside buildings. Having established that look, I thought it would be cool to make the interior of the bar partially exposed rock wall. It also helps differentiate it visually from the bar at the beginning of the story where Azarek throws down with Hiura.

With a total of six characters in the scene, I needed a booth area to accommodate them all. I also wanted the conversation to be semi-private, so I added some rock partitions between them and the other sitting areas. I decided that maybe “tanje” was some sort of food on spits cooked over an open fire pit, so I created a central semi-screened-off cooking area with seating around it, kinda like a hibachi setup. Ultimately, you barely see that part in the finished pages, but it made for nice background filler.

I didn’t feel the need to over-design the bar since I figured it would just be a one-off location. But who knows; maybe it will show up again. After all, who doesn’t love food cooked over an open fire pit? Throw some root beetles on there and you’ve got a Preegen party!

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