While the design for Jayd was a bit of work, the design for her costume was significantly more extensive. I did so many more sketches for her than I have for any other character, mostly because I wanted to get it right, but also because I thought it would be nice to do a lot of costume designs up front and have a bank that I could draw upon in the future, either for Jayd herself or for other characters. In the end, I did a total of 24 different costume sketches! I’m showing just 6 of them here, but you can see all of them on my Patreon (which will be a free Public post linked below).

As with everything RUNNERS, I wanted her outfit to be believable as daily wear and not feel overly designed. And while I liked a great many of the sketches I did, a number felt too armor-y, too casual, or too “pretty” for the character. The winner was one that felt like the best mix of all three attributes.

As a note, I generally don’t work with color when initially designing costumes. But in this case, I did want some of her distinctive green skin to show through, so I found it very helpful to use color to easily differentiate between clothing and exposed skin in the sketches, something that would have been hard to visualize in just black-and-white.

For a more thorough breakdown, including a whopping 18 more costume sketches, please check out my Patreon. This post will be public, so anyone can view it without being a backer. If you’d like to back the series on Patreon for more bonus content like this one, support is always very much appreciated!