This sketchbook post features the trio of hunters confronting the new character Azarek. For most alien concepting, I first figure out the head. For the trio, I did a bunch of heads and then chose the three I liked the most. With the heads selected, I then fleshed out the bodies. They actually don’t appear in much of the story, so I didn’t feel the need to spend anywhere near the kind of time on them that I usually would for a main character. So these sketches were really the only ones I did for the actual bodies. Of the three, I do really like the bug-like exoskeleton-y one, so that race may show up again!

With the bodies figured out, I printed out light blue-line versions of them, over which I did my costume sketches (a new process for me). Again, I didn’t feel the need to spend too much time concepting them. In each case, I decided I’d do a maximum of three costume ideas and then just pick the best one to go with. In the case of the bug-like guy, I was actually happy after the second sketch and stopped there.

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