Happy Holidays everyone and Happy New Year in advance! I am excited to announce that the first two chapters of RUNNERS Volume 3 are now completely up on runnersuniverse.com and Webtoon Canvas. So if you’ve been waiting to read the series in a large chunk and didn’t want to read a single page at a time, you can now read the first 64 pages of the story, starting HERE, with much more (five more chapters) on the way.

On that front, there is a tiny bit of bad news. There will be a brief hiatus in the story for the month of January 2022. The latter half of 2021 got away from me and I’m a bit behind on Chapter 3. Almost all of the 24 pages are finished through the coloring stage, but there’s still the lettering and various final tweaks that need doing, as well as uploading and doing commentary, etc. So I’ll be doing that in January. Once the story comes come back, I will scale back to one post per week instead of two, which should allow me to get ahead of the schedule again.

In the interim, for January, I will still be posting content here, but it will be behind-the-scenes material. But that should give me the time I need to get things back on track. It’s a real bummer for me to have to do this break, something I adamantly did not want to happen, and scaling back the regular posts is another bummer. If I can find I way to get back up to 2 posts/week, I would love to do so at some point. Anyway, sorry for the brief delay in January, but great stuff is coming! Thanks for continuing to read the series!