I just finished a number of updates on the runnersuniverse.com webcomic site, in preparation for Vol 3! Updates include:

  • Series Index layout change for easier archive navigation
  • New Readers page featuring intro to the series, sample pages, and cast profiles
  • Revised FAQ with info on publishing plans for the series, tools, and where to read
  • Updated Reviews page, now with links so readers can leave their own reviews on Amazon and Good Reads
  • Pronunciation Guide from Vol 1
  • Support page with Patreon info and samples
  • New side widgets for Patreon support, Buy the books from my Store, and Start Reading here, as well as a tag cloud

Feel free to let me know if there are other changes or additions you’d like to see on the site. I plan to eventually fill it out with more content, especially with additional art in the Extras category. But for now, I’m back on to Vol 3 production!