I am currently doing some revamps on my runnersuniverse.com site to get some things updated before the new story launches. For visitors of the site, I have a few questions, and any input would be greatly appreciated.

  1. What would you like to see as the home page? I am debating between having it be the latest page of the story (along with its commentary and reader comments) or a static, landing page that is an intro to the series, including info on the characters, world, and archive. On that home page, there would then be links to the latest page and start of the story.
  2. Would readers like it if I implemented Disqus to handle discussion and comments on the site? Would you find it better or worse than the current system for leaving comments?
  3. Would you like the blog to be a part of the home page or on a separate page? If the home page hosts actual comic pages, the blog being a part of that can clutter it up a bit, instead of just having the focus be on the page itself and comments. But if the blog is on a separate page, I’m not sure if it will be seen as much.

Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts! Thanks!!