I am SUPER excited to announce that RUNNERS is finally available on the digital comic site ComiXology!! The Volume 1 graphic novel is available for purchase, and even better, I also have a FREE preview issue available, which includes the first 2 chapters of the series! Please help me spread the word: now anyone on ComiXology can try the first 2 issues of RUNNERS for free! And Vol 2 will be coming to the site shortly as well!


For anyone unfamiliar with ComiXology, you have to BUY the books through their website. Once you buy them, you can read them via the app. I just don’t think you can buy through the app. And through the ComiXology app, you can read the book with their cool Guided View feature, which advances the story panel-by-panel on your device. It makes for a fun new way to read the series other than page-by-page (although that is also an option).

You can get the FREE Preview issue HERE.

And you can get the full Volume 1  graphic novel HERE.

And please remember to give it a good rating!! 🙂