I while back on The Big Snow Job #3, Pages 14-15, I talked about the Ulon Dosi weapons and how they were partially inspired by the Nimbus III weapons seen in Star Trek V. I figured they’d all be a bit hodgepodge so I wanted to sketch up a few different variations, as seen here.

On this page you’ll also see the bandolier I designed to wrap around the Ulon Dosi head and waist. It has a simple loop holster on the side, and the rifles would just slip into the holsters, resting on the wide collars.

Finally, this page also shows a couple sketches I did for Clem’s knife. I just figured he’d have an extra little weapon on him to distinguish him from the other warriors. And I had it in the script that he pulls a knife on Ril on The Big Snow Job #3, Page 21, so I guess that meant I ought to design one.