I covered a little bit about Goshen’s design on The Big Snow Job #3, Page 22. Most of the sketches were either too drab and not ornamental enough or a bit too busy and fancy. I toyed with the idea of giving him the same hide patchwork as Clem (and Keyla’s cloak), but I thought it might be a bit too busy. And for the same reasons I decided not to give him war beads, I thought the leather armor look of the patchwork wouldn’t fit his character.

Something I did like a lot was the “trenchcoat” look of long, low-hanging cloth in both the front and the back, which gave Goshen a more regal look. It was also important to me to incorporate some element from Keyla’s cloak into Goshen’s design as the original intent was to tie them together visually through some costume details. Originally, it was going to be the hide patchwork, but once I ruled that out, I was just left with the short white fuzzy fur. As it turned out, I think that worked out well, since the fur collar and hanging stoles looked pretty regal as well, without being overly-ornamental. I repeated the stoles on both the front and the back so that Goshen would have the same defining element visible from either angle.