With the bulk of the Ulon Dosi village designed, I spent a little time figuring out some of the last remaining bits, like the yak stables and the hut interior where the crew would be held captive. The interior actually came to me pretty quickly as I had it already in my head to have a sunken pit with a central hearth and lofted sleeping areas around the perimeter.

I also settled on Keyla’s lab exterior and interior pretty quickly, in part because I had a pretty clear picture in my head and in part because, to be honest, I didn’t really care all that much about overworking the design since I knew it was only going to be in the story for a few pages and wasn’t a major setting.

Finally, on this page you’ll see a few sketches I did for the bricks of Crush. I kinda like the look of the banded loaf, since it has that little bit of visual flair. But in the end, I just decided that the plainer it looked, the better, so I went back to it being just a regular blocky nondescript brick.