With the top sketch, I feel like I found a head design that I liked, so I started playing around with the body. As a mob boss, I wanted him to have an imposing figure, so I went with a big beefy body. I think I loosely had a walrus in mind in terms of overall feel, so that explains the flippers. I didn’t bother spending too much time on the body design since I knew it would be covered up almost entirely in the actual story, what with it being a freezing climate and all.

With the last two designs, I decided to give the character one last go in terms of different looks. I actually like the one on the left as a design, but it’s a bit goofy looking, so not quite the imposing figure I had planned for Suul. With the one on the right, I went back to a previous head sketch, this time with more of the body filled in, and it clicked for me. I think the wide hammerhead shape just made the head so much more distinctive than the one above it. It’s the sort of thing where, if you saw a bunch of different aliens in a lineup, you’d definitely notice him because of the distinctive hammerhead snout. And that’s what I figured his character should be about… someone who stands out in a crowd.