More Suul head sketches, again focusing on the sawtooth look. I liked the hammerhead looks of the top two sketches but figured I’d play around more with an alien take on an actual sawfish snout, since I’ve always found the sawfish to be one very cool looking real-life creature.  None of the sketches turned out very well though as they all looked a bit too “deliberately” designed as opposed to something that truly looks natural.

It’s like when I see a costume design that has a ton of horns and spikes and huge sweeping pieces of oversized armor and flowing capes and sashes and various other embellishments on it. It certainly looks cool, but it always feels like something an artist went to town on and had a lot of fun designing but not something really believable and natural as an actual thing.

And besides, those sawfish-snout Suul sketches ended up looking too much like dragons for me.