Here I finally settled on the Ulon Dosi hut design, as well as some hut details (which I apparently abandoned once I got to the actual drawing of the pages!). For me, the breakthrough was in adding the long curving wood beam “ribs” all around the huts that emerge from the rock base and curve up around the edges of the roof. I think those gave the huts a very distinctive look they’d been missing.

For variety, I came up with several different window frame patterns, so that all the huts didn’t look the same. I also realized that in a snowy environment, you wouldn’t want the windows open to the elements all the time, so I designed different kinds of shutters that could be lowered to close the window openings. In the end, I pretty much just cheesed out and drew the same hut over and over again with the open windows. It was just easier that way, and as background buildings, I figured drawing those kinds of shutter details weren’t really necessary.