Not really RUNNERS-related, but I just had an auction listed on eBay for a heaping pile of TICK page art. It’s not original art but photocopies of full issues in both the pencil and ink stages.

At the time I was working on the TICK series, I made 8.5 x 11” copies of the artwork at both the penciling stage and the inking stage, before the shading and lettering was dropped in. I was recently going through my personal archives and decided I had no real use for them anymore, but before just recycling them, I thought maybe they’d be of interest to somebody out there. Not sure I’d call them a “collectible” as much as a “curiosity” since someone might find it cool to see what penciled and inked pages looked like on the series. Obviously, the copy quality varies from page to page and isn’t perfect, but it might be cool for anyone with an interest in the comic art process. Or anyone with an interest in reams of paper.

The auction ends Sunday, April 25, so be sure to check it out now if you’re interested.