Kickstarter Inked Illustrations

It’s been a while since my last update here. I tend to do more regular posts on the Runners: The Comic Facebook Fan Page, so “Like” that page to get more regular updates (the link is on the right)!

Since the Kickstarter campaign ended, I’ve been pretty busy working on getting everything done while still doing my regular freelance work. I’m happy to report that at this point, I am just about done with all the fulfillment! Almost all the books, sketchbooks, and prints have now gone out and I am just finishing the last 30 or so items, the inked illustrations.

I recently finished all 20 of the 8.5 x 11″ inked character bust portraits. Here’s what they all look like:

Now it’s on to the 11 x 17″ inked full-body illustrations and that will be it!

Kickstarter Print Selection

With the Kickstarter campaign now officially over, I am now in process of sending out Kickstarter surveys to gather information from backers. For those who have selected rewards with prints, please use the following guide to select which print(s) you would like. You will also be able to specify if you want any of prints A-C signed.

A: Runners: The Big Snow Job Chapter 1 cover

B: Runners: The Big Snow Job Chapter 3 cover

C: Runners: The Big Snow Job graphic novel cover

D: Runners: Bad Goods pinup by David Petersen (Mouse Guard)

E: Runners: The Big Snow Job pinup by David Petersen (Mouse Guard)

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AICN, CBR, and Part-Time Fanboy Coverage!

Runners recently got a bit of coverage online, with an interview, a review, and an hour-long conversation!

First up, I did a really fun interview for Ain’t It Cool News, in which I give a tiny hint about my plans for the “political dynamics” of the series.

I also received a really nice review of the new Runners story on Comic Book Resources! It’s a very positive review with only one (very valid) criticism.

Finally, I had a long talk with Kristian Horn for his great comic podcast, Part-Time Fanboy, where we discuss everything from my work on the Tick and Runners, to the webcomic business model, to my bet with my wife that resulted in her now having to watch Star Trek II. It’s a very fun and very in-depth interview, so if you ever wanted to hear me talk shop for an hour(!), check out the Episode 40 interview!

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Kickstarter Stretch Goals: Bonus Pages & Hardcovers!

Two new stretch goals have recently been added to the Runners: The Big Snow Job Kickstarter project!

At $18,000, I will add 8 extra pages of Bonus Content to the graphic novel, bringing the page count from 168 to 176 pages! Content will include character turnarounds for all six main characters as well as other additional content, to be announced!

At $22,000, a hardcover option of the new book will be unlocked! All backers at the $25 level and higher will have the option of upgrading their copy of the new book from paperback to hardcover FOR FREE!

The campaign is now in its last 10 days, so get your pledge in now!

NEW Kickstarter Reward: David Petersen Prints

I am very excited to announce a new Reward tier for the Runners Kickstarter project that features the amazing artwork of good friend and Mouse Guard creator David Petersen. I’m a huge fan of his work and he is a fan of Runners as well, so a while back, we traded pinups. He did an awesome pinup of the flashback Runners crew from volume 1: Bad Goods. I never had the chance to include that with the first graphic novel, so I decided to include it in the printing of the new one. But since all the other pinups in the new book have a snow theme, David was generous enough to do a SECOND pinup, this time featuring the crew in snow gear!

When I told David about my Kickstarter project, he very graciously suggested the option of including prints of his two pinups as reward items. Personally, I love the idea of making these available to fans of David’s work, and he was excited about the idea of helping me with my campaign, so there is now a new $49 Reward, appropriately called the “Guard” level, that includes both of his pinups as 11″ x 17″ prints.

These prints are also available as add-ons for backers of other tiers who would like to include either (or both) of his prints with their current rewards.