It’s been a long while since the last page upload, so I wanted to pop in for a quick update and apology for the long delay. Rest assured the the next chapter is still on its way! About 2/3 of the chapter is fully penciled and inked, with the first batch at the colorist. The original plan was to start posting pages back in early December 2023, but I guess the art is a bit complex, and one of the colorists I work with is taking a longer time getting them done. At this point, I’m waiting to have enough banked so I can post again without interruptions, but I honestly have no idea when that will be. Hopefully soon.

On top of that nebulous production delay, this past November and December were filled on my end with the usual holiday-related interruptions and travel time sucks. And a portion of January was spent dealing with things related to my mom’s health issues and taking care of things pertaining to her house.

So time has been short the past few months, on top of a 2023 filled in general with other mom-related tasks that needed doing. But production continues. I am about 7 pages away from finishing Chapter 6, and then I move onto the FINAL CHAPTER of Volume 3. Then Kickstarter time to get the book printed!

Thanks as always for your patience. I’m hoping most of the major time sucks are over at this point, but life tends to have other plans. We shall see. In the meantime, I’m hoping to start getting those colored pages soon. The next batch of inked pages will soon be going to a second colorist, where I expect turnaround to be much quicker, fingers crossed.