So here’s something fun and a little different. A while back, friend, comic creator, and instructor Roland Mann asked me for some blank RUNNERS pages for his comic class to use for a lettering exercise, making up their own dialogue in the process.

With Roland’s permission, I thought it would be fun to share some of them here. It was really interesting for me to see what students came up with for plot and dialogue based on the art alone. Please bear in mind that this is student work, and while some techniques may be a bit rough here and there, I don’t want this to be a forum for critique. I just wanted to show some fun takes on the characters and situations. So please be kind with any comments.

This first one captures the bicker-y nature of the scene pretty well. I especially like the characterization of Sky as a money-hungry leader type.

This one is a fun take on the exchange on Free Kespa. Bonus points for use of the term “small death ray.”

This one is pretty entertaining in having Roka conversing in Hulk speak!

And this last one is my favorite. The idea of the crew actually being a band trying to get to a gig is just too awesome. I feel this should have been the premise of the series all along. Ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed these. It’s like a weird RUNNERS mirror universe. Without the goatees.