Happy day! The first pass of the script for Vol 3 is in the can! I still need to do a minor refinement pass, but all the scenes, dialogue, and action are done!! And as I predicted, it will indeed be an extra long story. My formatted script for Vol 2 came out to 45 pages total. This one is 81! Instead of 5 issues (chapters), it will be 7, with issue 1 probably still being close to double-sized.

On that topic, does anyone know of any graphic novel series that vary in length significantly from volume to volume? I know most graphic novels are pretty standard and have similar page counts, as they mostly collect 6 single issues at a time. But going forward, I would rather tell the story I need to tell and let the page count fall where it may. I guess I’d like to follow more of a Harry Potter route, where some books may be longer than others. Not sure if this is necessarily a good idea, since different page counts might result in different prices for the books, as opposed to each book having the same price, which is easier for buyers to digest. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. And if they know of other series that do this (that I can research), that would be great.