I am very excited to announce a new Reward tier for the Runners Kickstarter project that features the amazing artwork of good friend and Mouse Guard creator David Petersen. I’m a huge fan of his work and he is a fan of Runners as well, so a while back, we traded pinups. He did an awesome pinup of the flashback Runners crew from volume 1: Bad Goods. I never had the chance to include that with the first graphic novel, so I decided to include it in the printing of the new one. But since all the other pinups in the new book have a snow theme, David was generous enough to do a SECOND pinup, this time featuring the crew in snow gear!

When I told David about my Kickstarter project, he very graciously suggested the option of including prints of his two pinups as reward items. Personally, I love the idea of making these available to fans of David’s work, and he was excited about the idea of helping me with my campaign, so there is now a new $49 Reward, appropriately called the “Guard” level, that includes both of his pinups as 11″ x 17″ prints.

These prints are also available as add-ons for backers of other tiers who would like to include either (or both) of his prints with their current rewards.