The next several sketchbook pages will focus on the farm from the Bocce Flashback sequence. I was at a real loss with this one when starting out as I had no idea what I wanted. Usually I have something in mind that gives me a nice starting point, but here I had a crippling blank canvas. The only thing I knew was to rule out a whitewashed adobe look since that would be too much like the Lars homestead from Star Wars.

On this page, I was just spitting out building shapes to see if anything grabbed me. Not much did. They all seemed a bit too busy, especially for simple farmers, and none of the shapes were terribly distinctive or memorable. I did like the U-shaped buildings at the bottom, which were based on the U-shaped cuts in Bocce’s shirt collar. I thought that one design element would be a nice way to tie back to the cultural look of the clothing, and it ended up being a nice starting point for the basis of their architecture.